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What will cause the crack of polycarbonate hollow sheet?

210 Published by unique Aug 02,2019

Some of polycarboante hollow sheet users find that there are some cracks on sheets after using for a while. What are the reasons? Let’s find out together.

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet Sample

Introduction for the reasons of PC hollow sheet crack

  1. The raw material includes recycled material. That will causesheets cracks easily.
  2. PC hollow sheets couldn’t be exposed to acidic chemicals and aggressive organic substances, such as aldehydes, alkalis, basic salts, amines, ketone esters, methanol, asphalt, etc. These chemicals can cause seriously chemical stresses cracking.
  3. Polycarbonate hollow sheet protective films should be tore off after installation, so as to avoid accidental scratchwhen installation.
  4. When mass production, workers should pay attention and try to avoid the sheets to be scractched by lathe or sharp tools. When cutting, keep the sheets incision flat and prevent more serious cracking.
  5. Choose suitable polycarbonate hollow sheet installation accessories, including waterproof rubber and pad.
  6. Never nail the sheet onto skeleton directly if without any accessoires. That will damage the perforated edge due to the high stress of sheets expansion.
  7. When transportation, the sheets should be packed properly. And after installation, the remaining sheetsshould be stored properly to avoid cracks.
  8. PC sheets bending radius should be within appropriate range. If the radius is out of the range, PC sheet tensile strength and chemical resistance will drop sharply and the sheets will be cracked
  9. Never bend PC sheet in the vertical rib direction. Because that will not cause the surface crepe effect, and the sheets will be flattened or even broken. The sheets must be bent in the direction of the ribs.

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