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How does the PC panel provide better insulation?

193 Published by unique May 07,2019

The PC sheet, which is widely used in greenhouse and garden greenhouse constructions, has become more and more popular. The super insulation performance of the PC sheet has gradually been recognized and understood by everyone. However, customers who use the PC sheet as the main material of the sun room will consider such a problem. Although the insulation of the PC sheet is unquestionable, but can it be insulated? If it is used for a sun room, it will be too hot? How can the PC panel be insulated?

In fact, PC panels can keep cool during the day and keep warm at night. Unique PC sheet has even lower thermal conductivity (K value) than glass and other plastics. The heat insulation effect is 7%-25% higher than that of the same glass. PC panels are insulated up to 49%, which resulting in a significant reduction in heat loss. Buildings with warm equipment are environmentally friendly materials.

How does the PC panel provide better insulation?

一、A dark or opaque solar panel can be used as the main material of the building, which can achieve a good thermal insulation effect;

二、In the case of fixed color, it is also possible to increase the number of structural layers of the plate, for example, the four-layer structure of the sheet can play a good sound insulation effect;

三、If it is allowed to add other coverings on the board, the same light-transmissive board can also be used for heat insulation.

Every building material is not omnipotent and perfect, and there are some unsatisfactory places for many desirable things, but smart people always come up with other ways to change this deficiency. The same is true for thermal insulation properties of PC sheet.

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